“Thanks Amanda. You succeeded in giving me the skills, tools, and confidence needed to make a difference presenting to my clients. I walked away from your workshop with plenty of tips for making my message stick while making me memorable to my audiences.  You effectively gave me what I need to use professional theater skills to support communicating the content I need to present. In a word, your workshop was ‘great’.”

Michael Fraidenburg Owner, The Cooperation Company


Or maybe you are looking for an in-house corporate training session in not only giving better presentations but how about storytelling so your employees interject their own personal stamp while delivering presentations to their clients.

Maybe giving the power back to the speaker to revitalize their speaking skills so your product is explained and highlighted so the clients can see all the benefits and realize their need to work with your company and that salesperson.

Brown bag lunch
Call for pricing
Lunch and learns – the learning happens in your office, no travel time lost, no parking fees to cover.

30 min presentation of helpful presentation skills tips and tricks with a 15 minute of Q and A.


½ day
Call for pricingMore in depth than the lunch and learns with all the same great advantages to your business. Save money by having the knowledge come to you.

Who is this for?
Sales teams with a big presentation coming up.

Middle management who need to lead meetings.

Individual staff members so they can express their ideas with confidence and clarity.

People practice the new skills, receive feedback and re do.

The immediate feedback and retry is where the learning is.


Character driven storytelling, inclusive and entertaining presentations that connect to your audience will set you apart from the crowd.