One on One Coaching

Executive One-on-One Coaching so your presentation to the shareholders rocks it.

Amanda is also a master at one on one coaching. Getting you to your own unique delivery style.  Freedom to express who you are your unique message and deliver it with confidence, grace and flare of professionals you have looked up to.

Executives with corporate presentations to shareholders may enjoy Amanda’s fun but result orientated coaching so annual general meeting speeches are delivered with passion and excitement and sights set to another record breaking year for the company.

Imaging feeling as powerful and confident as your title? Imagine people seeing you as the expert you are? Delivering a polished, professional, motivating and engaging presentation allows you to shine, your message to be heard and your company to excel.

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Tailored specifically to your needs.

Private one on one presentation coaching.

On your own time line so when it fits your schedule.

In house or off site learning – your choice.

For all types of speaking events: corporate, foundation announcements, commencement speech, shareholder meetings or major family events. Do you have to give a toast at your child’s wedding? Is a lifelong friend getting a special award of recognition? Do you have a eulogy to give?

You need to do these talks right. You have one chance to get it right. Why wouldn’t you consult a presentation expert and receive feedback from someone who can bring out the best in your delivery? So you are confident and assured, like you are in your business world. You wouldn’t leave anything else this important to chance.


Character driven storytelling, inclusive and entertaining presentations that connect to your audience will set you apart from the crowd.