About Amanda

15 Years of Magic and Decades of Theatre Experience

Amanda’s back ground in acting (yes, a degree from university and many acting credits to her name) and her 13 years of owning/operating a magic shop combined with her honed sense of humor, makes Amanda a rare find. A female motivational speaker and woman with a sense of humour that people love. Amanda leads workshops all over North America in the art of presenting and entertaining while you do it.

She not only teaches but she does what she teaches. She is an entertainer who is a gifted teacher. It is not unusual for someone to say at the end of a course “I’ve been doing this for over 20 years you gave me new perspective on what it is I do.”

Amanda presents keynote lectures using magic to highlight ideas of leadership, building community, reconciliation, change, social justice issues and will even tailoring a presentation to your company or topic. She speaks to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Altering her vocabulary and delivery to their needs.

Amanda bases her work in storytelling, body language that is congruent with the message and a magic trick if need be to tie the whole package together.

Knows the Pitfalls

Amanda practices what she is preaching. She is an entertainer, a Keynote Speaker who uses magic instead of PowerPoint, an emcee as well as a presentation coach and teacher. Yep she gets to do it all.

Her knowledge has gotten her to teach all over the US and Canada, England and Denmark. Guess what? The language may change but the challenges don’t. Being able to break down what makes you a successful speaker and being able to concisely give that direction that bit of instruction so the person’s eyes light up with understanding, that’s the gift of teaching.

To remember your own challenges as you were learning is the greatest tool a teacher can have. To always remember you didn’t always know everything you do now. You weren’t always the expert. What were those things that made all the difference in your success? That’s what Amanda is so good at doing. Most people don’t have that “one piece of critical information” that ‘experts’ forget is a basic cornerstone required for success. People tend to forget their biggest learning came from making a mistake. When you add that story into your presentations, your audience gets it and you. You move from a bland speaker to a dynamic teacher and mentor. Storytelling is crucial to connecting with your audience. It makes you stand out as a presenter, sought after as a speaker and elevated to the go to person in your field.


Her background and years of doing shows and keynote presentation teaches you how to design your speeches around a theme so they are entertaining, informative and bring your audience to action.

Character driven storytelling, inclusive and entertaining presentations that connect to your audience will set you apart from the crowd.