“Thanks Amanda. You succeeded in giving me the skills, tools, and confidence needed to make a difference presenting to my clients. I walked away from your workshop with plenty of tips for making my message stick while making me memorable to my audiences.  You effectively gave me what I need to use professional theater skills to support communicating the content I need to present. In a word, your workshop was ‘great’.”

Michael Fraidenburg Owner, The Cooperation Company

“I was fortunate enough to be asked to present a workshop at the PCAM or Pacific Coast Association of Magicians on Aug 1st and received this lovely testimony from a gentleman who has been performing magic for over 35 yrs. I’m a rarity at the conventions as is. I’m a woman. I’m a magician not an assistant and I was leading a workshop. So I am thrilled with the feedback I have been getting when magicians like what you are doing with magic tricks, it’s a cause for smiles.

Patter for those not in the magic business refers to the words you say while you are performing your trick. My premise is that when you change your words you change the impact your magic trick has. I use easy to master magic tricks and teach how to make your message reach your audience. Here’s his words… I know this is shameless promotion but come on 🙂

I recently attended Amanda O Leary’s workshop “Patter what does it Matter” during a recent PCAM convention in Vancouver, BC. I could have followed the crowd of attendees who chose to watch a recent IBM winner slated to lecture at the same time, but decided to watch Amanda as she had something different to offer. Where Amanda differs from others in her presentation of “Patter what does it Matter” is that rather than simply telling how tricks are done, she challenges her audience to come up with a topic and then proceeds to weave a story that takes her audience on a magical journey. Amanda’s extensive background in theatre, clowning and mime allows her to completely immerse herself in the character she portrays and no matter what topic is chosen, manages to turn a simple magic trick into a real gem! She lowers her voice, uses facial expression and maintains eye contact with the audience during her storytelling which readily draws you into “her world!” You are no longer a spectator and have unknowingly morphed into a willing participant. This is simple review of what turned out to be one of the best workshops I ever attended at a magic convention.

She is absolutely “Brilliant!”

Ray Roch

“Knowing nothing about magic, I attended Amanda’s hands on Magic Workshop. I was impressed at how skillfully she taught our inexperienced class, 10 magic tricks.  I was thrilled!  Amanda is a wonderful teacher.  She has patience galore and she has an uncanny ability to make everything fun and understandable. I had an idea for something I wanted to discuss in my upcoming workshop but didn’t know exactly how to do it.  Amanda was brilliant and understood exactly what I was asking. She took my starter idea and helped me find the message I wanted to get across. When I performed the magic trick my participants were amazed but most of all THEY GOT IT!  They saw themselves succeeding. Thank you Amanda!  You took this newbie and showed her how to use magic in my workshops effectively.”

Dr. Jayne A. Gibson

Character driven storytelling, inclusive and entertaining presentations that connect to your audience will set you apart from the crowd.